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This little blog is to help me follow were I am with my Too Fat Lardies inspired Nam game, Charlie dont surf. Im going to build my own terrain, paint my own figures and vehicles in preperation to the games release. And to boot, Im going to do it all in 15mm. So here go's......

Monday, 5 April 2010

The Terrain

Well, what good Nam terrain can go without jungle or paddy fields, so I decided to make them. I got the idea, or stole from the Too Fat lardies blog. It suggested using cd's and aquatic plant foliage. So thats exactly what I got. Quick trip to pet world and a few plastic palm trees on ebay and I was off to the garage. After a few minutes I had managed to russel up some

palm trees
plywood for base
plastic moss decor ball
static grass
tiling grout
coarse sand
pva glue
gorilla glue
glue gun
grass which looked rather like bamboo

and that was about it.

to start with I sanded down the cds so they were rough and then mixed up the grout, sand and watered pva to make a paste. I then took the paste and spread onto the cd's. I then added cork pieces into it, so I could insert the palm trees into them. I also spread additional stones etc onto them.
This was also were my first troubles occured. I should of glued the cork first, with gorilla glue, rather then after. The grout was not strong enough to hold all of them and adding the gorilla glue raised the cork, as the glue expanded. Next time Ill put the cork on first and glue it, then add the grout mix.

Anyway I was back on track and then once dry I painted them brown, red brown etc.

Close up

Next I cut up the moss ball so that I had indvidual plants. I then tried various glues to add, however by far the best was the glue gun. I simply arranged the foliage and trees to how I liked. I added some bamboo type grass and scatter.


and voila. The first bits of jungle done. Next wip is the paddy fields as seen

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