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This little blog is to help me follow were I am with my Too Fat Lardies inspired Nam game, Charlie dont surf. Im going to build my own terrain, paint my own figures and vehicles in preperation to the games release. And to boot, Im going to do it all in 15mm. So here go's......

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Paddy Fields

As promised a quick guide to my quick and easy paddy fields. Ive two types, a flooded field and a dry field. Ive no idea if you can get dry paddy fields, however thought it added variety.

Anyhow, here is what I used

1 Pair of old cords trousers (slacks)
Kitchen sealant - Acrylic type. (caulk)

sand and grit
If you like - water effect mixture. I bought mine and simply pour it.

First cut the shape you want and sand it down. I then simply scoured the board with a knife to roughen it up a little. I used the sealant and gun to force a line of sealant along the edges. I then used it to split the board with two lines. Wait 5 minutes and then sprinle the sand and grit over it. I also flattened the caulk very lightly. Leave to dry

For the dry kind, I did exactly the same, however first I glued the cut up cord kecks onto the base. I used very fine and tight lined corduroy as thats what I had. Thicker would of been better. Ill have to search my dads loft for some....alternatively as a new dad myself, Ill no doubt end up with my own....:)

Ok once dry I painted the board, dark green for wet and brown for dry. I also painted the caulk brown and leave to dry

I then added glue to the board in thin broken lines and sprinkled over the scatter flock. Once again left it to dry. I could of added the water solution first, however I wanted to see If I could create it so it looked like rice was growing in the water, so I added the water solution last. I think it looks pretty cool. For the dry paddy, I simply left it. Ive got to add some flock to the edges, however think it looks pretty smart considering how cheap it was. The only expense was the water and I had this left over

flooded paddy

dry paddy


  1. Awesome article man.

    I haven't started up on Nam yet. Right now I'm working on ww2 and scifi terrain, but 'Nam is next in line!

    Check out my hovel!

  2. Thanks

    more to come soon as I have time. Also nice site of your own, got myself some nice ideas from it :)